Events From The Field

The huddles like this one in Bedford are awesome!

Remembering Coach Brian Stone

FCA Bedford Coaches Huddle dies after JFK Coliseum Match.
Manchester Central Hockey Coach Brian Stone passed away after a game last week. Please follow THIS LINK for more information.
Brian’s service was attended by nearly 1000 people. You can read about it HERE.
A FUND was also established to help put his 18 daughter, who will graduate from high school this June, through college

During a recent trip to the south, Mike had the opportunity to meet up with Buck McCabe, the owner of Chic-filet

Mike also had a chance to meet up with huddle advisor Mark Shafer

Alicia Vining
Washington Nationals Ballgirl
World Series Champions

On a family note Alicia was on the field throughout the play offs and World Series as the Washington Nationals ball girl and participated in the parade